Social Press Plus would like to welcome you to our services website. When you need help with your Social Network, come to us first. We will save you time, money and lots of frustration.

Social Press Services

What Services Are Offered?

Social Press Plus focuses on four main service groups for the local and small business owner.

Website Development – Whether you need a new complete website or are ready to update and upgrade an existing website, we can bring your online presence into the 21st century.

Mobile Websites and Mobile Apps – While these two services are easily confused, they are actually very different with respect to two major areas, price to create and time to market. Most businesses find they see a greater degree of success online when they have both.

Social Management and Social ‘Page’ Creation – While some businesses may have built a ‘Fanpage’ and have acquired a solid number of ‘Likes’, without engagement with those ‘likes’, you are missing out on a massive opportunity to expand your client base and increasing your ‘bottom line’.

Reputation Management/Notification Services – Don’t let slick salespeople fool you, to have a negative or derogatory review removed from the major review sites takes proof that the review is false and will require a lengthy review process. Our service simply helps to filter those negative comments to allow you the opportunity to address the issue prior to being published.

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